An artist based in the Netherlands that mostly produces character works and portraits, but also likes to delve into design & illustration, and a bit of acrylic painting.

Please Note; this site is still under construction. I currently still use my social media as my most active platform. If you can’t find the info your looking for yet, feel free to contact me here, via email, or sending a direct message on my Instagram. I always strive to respond as quickly as possible.

While I spent most of my time doing custom works, making original art is a way for me to try new techniques and styles, thus it’s something I try to make more time for alongside my studies (currently still a full-time student in IT).

You will find examples of my works and current style on the artworks page.

I pride myself on making art in a diverse range of styles and subject matters, and I’m always looking for new things to try out, however I do currently have a few active lines of art pieces which work together cohesively. Not all of these are already featured online, since some I consider to simply be passion projects of mine, and others’s that I’d rather develop a little more before I present them to the world, but nevertheless I’ll mention some here;
– “Unnatural by nature” | A series of acrylic paintings with an emphasis on the dynamic between humans and animals.
– “Bookyworld” | Illustrations of scenes, or maybe eventually illustrated children’s book stories, in a soft cutesy style with box-shaped animals. The series name was a suggestion made by my young sister :).